Designing the templates for Blu Ray Box

Blu ray discs are boxes are specially designed for making difference between a simple DVD disc and Blu ray disc. The blu ray boxes help you to get rid of this confusion. These boxes are stamped with blu ray logo on the front side. You can easily identify these. If you have a large number of blu ray discs and boxes and want to design attractive cover templates for these boxes then it is not so hard work. It can be done in some simple ways. You can use Photoshop software program for this work.


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There are some simple ways for creating the templates, which are as follows:

1. Download blu ray box template: Choose and download the best template to your computer which suits to your disc nature. If you do not know more about it, simply go for a search engine and search for free download blu ray templates. You will find a lot of web sites. Choose one of them and download the templates.

2. Now the second step is to open it in Photoshop. After opening the first thing you will find on the screen to set up the resolution and printing set up. You have to adjust these properties. The important thing is to set resolution of it. Set it up to 300 dpi. Also set color scheme to CMYK. You can also adjust image height and width from here.

3. The third step is to layout the artwork. Open the template and start to layout the artwork of your blu ray design. The artwork is the main heart of template creation. So do this work very carefully. The text, logos, photos and images should be placed under the inner margin of the sticker. Always make sure that the final print did not get cut off in the print process. You can also take help of internet for creation process if you do not know more about it.

4. The fourth process is to save your artwork. Save your artwork as pdf file. Saving it into pdf file is necessary because in this format the fonts will stay in previous forms. You can also save it into .psd file. It is necessary for making changes in future.

5. You are also free for inserting pictures and images to it. But always care about its dimension and color dpi otherwise you will get wrong result. Also insert title and description about it. The descriptive title tells more about the product. So if you are going to insert titles then take care about all the things.

6. If you have done all these work, now you can take a print of this template and can place on your blu ray box. If you do not want to take a print out of it immediately then save it on your computer to a recognize folder or into a folder which is especially about this project. In future you can take a print out copy and can use it to decorate your blu ray disc.

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More about Blu ray insert template

Blu ray discs are optical disc storage media. It is a high level technology. It is new thought to store video files. People are using this technology more in comparison to other storage media format. Blu ray insert templates are used for cover and protect these storage media format. It is different from an ordinary packaging of simple DVD and CD. You have to do special packaging for special discs. Blu colored plastic cases are used for cover these discs to differentiate from a simple DVD. The sizes of the covers are bigger than general covers.

Blu ray insert template is the best protective covering for a blu ray disc. It gives it a unique identity.  It is glued on the insert case. If you run a business of BLU ray disc making then it is essential for you to have attractive covering on each of your disc. Suppose you are on your business place and customer ask you for an individual disc. If you do not have label for each disc then how it is possible to find the particular one from your collection. If you have cover on each of the disc then you can easily find out and select according to customer choice. So always have an attractive label on each of your disc.


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Another advantage of blu ray insert template is that it promotes your business. First rule of a successful business is its promotion. If your products are not promoted well then people do not pay attention towards it. Like if all your discs have attractive covers and attractive color combination the people will attracted towards it. They will see it and will try to purchase it. The first look and image tell the story of anything. So for having successful disc selling business it is also very necessary to have attractive cover on each of the disc.

In market there are various types of templates or covers are available. There are many companies which sell out this product. Go to market and purchase it for your discs. But if you have a computer and internet connection then it is also possible to make it on your own basis. It is not so difficult work. You can do it in some easy steps. If you make it you then you also save your pocket money. Another advantage of making it by self is that you can design it according to your choice and can personalize it with your family photos also. These customized covers cannot be available in the market. If you have some memorable moment cached in the blu ray discs and cover it with attractive family photos then it will be a great gift for your family. Hence always try to personalize blu ray insert template by yourself.

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How to make your own paper sleeve template?

Paper sleeve template is known as protective covering for discs like cd and DVD. You can make it your own sleeve template. There are a couple of ways for doing this work. For its designing process there are different web sites available. You can choose one of them and can select the best design. Many websites offer free download of template. Go there and download it for your use. You can personalize the templates for your cover using your home computer and internet. These templates can change the discs look and they will look very interesting. Now f you want to make attractive paper sleeve template for your cd collection then there are some simple steps for customize the templates. Follow these some simple steps and make beautiful jacket for you disc.


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1. If you do not have any designed template and want to download it from internet then go to any web site which provide free download of templates. Now download the template according to your choice.

2. If the templates design suits to your disc then it is well but if you want to change it then customizes it. You can add pictures and text according to your choice. Always add meaningful images which describe your cd or DVD because images and photos say many things about the product.

3. Add a descriptive title for it. A title is the main thing of the product. You can also change properties of font like font color, font size and many other things.

4. Examine the work that you have done. If it suits to your disc then print your work. For printing click on the print button and take print out. Always make sure that the template has been printed on the centre of the cover. If you do not place on the centre then it will not look attractive. It will give a bad look. So always be sure about this thing.

5. If you have taken print out now you can make your own paper sleeve template by folding it from horizontal side and vertical side. Also fold the edges of the paper by one inch. Paper sleeve templates are also available in the market. You can also purchase it from there. But if you make your own template then it will give a personalize look and also will save your pocket money. So if you have a large number of discs then always try to make your own sleeve template.

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How to decorate DVD with DVD Box Template?

Everyone wants to have photos and videos collection. Due to advance science and technology it has become easier.  Everyone wants to burn DVD or CD for each memorable moment. If you have burned DVDs then it will be very nice to have DVD box template on each of them because if all of your collections have a unique identity then you can find and search the particular one very easily whenever you need it. So always have an attractive cover on each of your disc. If you want to personalize your own CD or DVD with own created box template then it is so easy and interesting work. It can be done in some simple steps and by using simple piece of paper. For doing this work you have some items which are as follows:

1. A DVD.

2. Piece of paper measuring 8.5*11” inches in size.

3. Decorative items and

4. Some instruments like, scissor etc

Now you have to follow some important steps for preparing attractive cover template. These steps are as follows:

1. Use a software program for making templates like Microsoft office, Photoshop, Microsoft office online, office publisher and Illustrator and creating designs. Find appropriate templates for your work.

2. Use the best graphics and photographs to include into the layout. These will give an attractive look to your stickers.

3 You can also create the design by your hand also. You can also give a three dimensional look to your cover template.

4. Adding description and title is also a best idea because it tells many things about your DVD.


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There are various advantages of making an attractive DVD box template.  If you run a business of CD or DVD making then it is very important work for you. If you have various burned DVDs but do not have cover on its boxes then you will face a difficulty to search when people demand for a particular one. Hence in this condition it is very necessary to have cover on each DVD box. People are also attracted towards attractive designs. So for running successful business of discs you should also care about its covers. The rule of successful business is promotion of it. Attractive DVD box templates also promote your business. You can use various types of photos and images for the box covers. Stickers or templates add cute look to your DVD case. If you have discs of games then you have to prepare funny stickers for it. Funny stickers or templates attract children towards it. Always prepare stickers according to DVD theme. If The DVD is of children movies then add images related to those pictures.  If you have forgotten to print attractive images on the box cover then you can also glue it.  These are some ways to prepare and decorate DVD Box template with attractive designs.

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How to create CD DVD case insert template from Microsoft word?

If you want to give a beautiful gift to your friend or a loved one then there is no need to purchase it from market. You can use burn a CD or a DVD with memorable moments or beautiful songs. It will be the best gift for him. He will appreciate your efforts. But before packing this present it is very necessary to cover it with attractive covering and also pack in attractive DVD case. If you want to make it more attractive then you can personalize it. A personalize cover adds more personal touch to your personalized CD. It will express your feeling about him. You gift will be a unique gift in comparison to other. But the great question is that how to make template and how to customize it. The best easy way to create and customize templates is to download it from Microsoft office online. These can be also downloaded from Microsoft word. If you do not know more about making templates then you can follow some easy steps which will provide you the best easy way to make it.


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If you are new to Microsoft word then go to start button and click on Microsoft office then click on Microsoft word. You have also gone to Microsoft office online and search templates from the web page. For searching simply type templates in search box. Now you will find a list of available templates. You have to choose one of them for your work. If there are large numbers CD jewel cases to you then you have to choose many stickers. If you have choose it then save it on your computer driver where you want to place it. Now open the sticker which you want to change or customize. The photographs and images can be inserted to it. If you want to make it for someone special then you can add personal massage to it which describes you. The customization of font color, font type, and size also can be done. These can be done in your desired style. Customization of CD DVD Case Insert Template gives a personal look to it.

If you want to add graphics to it then it can be also done. You can insert artwork from menu. For it you have to click on insert tab then choosing picture. You can also add favorite pictures or trailer of a scene. You also have option to search graphics by entering graphic design in search box. You will find a lot of attractive designs. If you have completed the editing of stickers then take print out of it. You can use paper of your choice. Now paste these stickers on CD DVD jewel case to make it more attractive and beautiful. Now we can say that the whole process is so easy and interesting and best way to identify a unique CD and DVD. If you want to make templates by yourself then visit this site

Reasons for making attractive CD DVD label and cover templates

There are various software programs and using these you can create your own DVD and CD cover template. The cover templates can be made for various items like jewel case, discs and other boxes. If you have a large CD and DVD collection then it is necessary to keep them in organized matter so that you can find each and every disc easily. There are also many other reasons for making cover templates. These reasons are as follows:

1. Safety of the disc: The templates give a protective covering to your discs like movies, MP3 collections, and other videos and discs. Hence to protect your discs always use a cover on it.

2. Promotion of the Business: If you run CD or DVD business and sell various MP3 and songs collection then it is very necessary to give your CDs an attractive covering. Today the progress of business mainly depends on its promotion because customers first see the cover of the disc. The result of the sale output mainly depends on creation of the covers and its outer look. An attractive cover leaves positive sign on customers and like it more. If you do not have matching covering on your disc with disc subject then you spoil the future of your business. Hence you always need to plan an attractive designing work for disc covers so that these can earn popularity among customers.

3. Get organized: Having covers on each DVD and CD the collection becomes organized and also look better than before. People also appreciate your efforts.

4. Save your time: Having Cover templates also save your time because if you do not have cover for your each disc then you will feel a difficulty to find out a particular one. But if you have a cover for each one then you will find it easily. Hence it also saves your valuable time.

5. Show your creativity: If you make the cover templates by self then it also shows your creative nature. Having your own made cover on each CD and DVD attracts everyone and people appreciate your effort. They will also like it.


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Making a CD or DVD cover is so easy. Either you can purchase it from market or you can design by self. Both options are open before you. You can choose one of them. But designing it by self will be better than purchasing from market because it saves both time as well as money. Hence make attractive CD DVD label and cover templates and give your collection a fantastic look.

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