How to create CD DVD case insert template from Microsoft word?

If you want to give a beautiful gift to your friend or a loved one then there is no need to purchase it from market. You can use burn a CD or a DVD with memorable moments or beautiful songs. It will be the best gift for him. He will appreciate your efforts. But before packing this present it is very necessary to cover it with attractive covering and also pack in attractive DVD case. If you want to make it more attractive then you can personalize it. A personalize cover adds more personal touch to your personalized CD. It will express your feeling about him. You gift will be a unique gift in comparison to other. But the great question is that how to make template and how to customize it. The best easy way to create and customize templates is to download it from Microsoft office online. These can be also downloaded from Microsoft word. If you do not know more about making templates then you can follow some easy steps which will provide you the best easy way to make it.


(Download CD DVD case templates + software)

If you are new to Microsoft word then go to start button and click on Microsoft office then click on Microsoft word. You have also gone to Microsoft office online and search templates from the web page. For searching simply type templates in search box. Now you will find a list of available templates. You have to choose one of them for your work. If there are large numbers CD jewel cases to you then you have to choose many stickers. If you have choose it then save it on your computer driver where you want to place it. Now open the sticker which you want to change or customize. The photographs and images can be inserted to it. If you want to make it for someone special then you can add personal massage to it which describes you. The customization of font color, font type, and size also can be done. These can be done in your desired style. Customization of CD DVD Case Insert Template gives a personal look to it.

If you want to add graphics to it then it can be also done. You can insert artwork from menu. For it you have to click on insert tab then choosing picture. You can also add favorite pictures or trailer of a scene. You also have option to search graphics by entering graphic design in search box. You will find a lot of attractive designs. If you have completed the editing of stickers then take print out of it. You can use paper of your choice. Now paste these stickers on CD DVD jewel case to make it more attractive and beautiful. Now we can say that the whole process is so easy and interesting and best way to identify a unique CD and DVD. If you want to make templates by yourself then visit this site


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