Designing the templates for Blu Ray Box

Blu ray discs are boxes are specially designed for making difference between a simple DVD disc and Blu ray disc. The blu ray boxes help you to get rid of this confusion. These boxes are stamped with blu ray logo on the front side. You can easily identify these. If you have a large number of blu ray discs and boxes and want to design attractive cover templates for these boxes then it is not so hard work. It can be done in some simple ways. You can use Photoshop software program for this work.


(Download DVD labelling software + Collection of predesigned blu-ray templates)

There are some simple ways for creating the templates, which are as follows:

1. Download blu ray box template: Choose and download the best template to your computer which suits to your disc nature. If you do not know more about it, simply go for a search engine and search for free download blu ray templates. You will find a lot of web sites. Choose one of them and download the templates.

2. Now the second step is to open it in Photoshop. After opening the first thing you will find on the screen to set up the resolution and printing set up. You have to adjust these properties. The important thing is to set resolution of it. Set it up to 300 dpi. Also set color scheme to CMYK. You can also adjust image height and width from here.

3. The third step is to layout the artwork. Open the template and start to layout the artwork of your blu ray design. The artwork is the main heart of template creation. So do this work very carefully. The text, logos, photos and images should be placed under the inner margin of the sticker. Always make sure that the final print did not get cut off in the print process. You can also take help of internet for creation process if you do not know more about it.

4. The fourth process is to save your artwork. Save your artwork as pdf file. Saving it into pdf file is necessary because in this format the fonts will stay in previous forms. You can also save it into .psd file. It is necessary for making changes in future.

5. You are also free for inserting pictures and images to it. But always care about its dimension and color dpi otherwise you will get wrong result. Also insert title and description about it. The descriptive title tells more about the product. So if you are going to insert titles then take care about all the things.

6. If you have done all these work, now you can take a print of this template and can place on your blu ray box. If you do not want to take a print out of it immediately then save it on your computer to a recognize folder or into a folder which is especially about this project. In future you can take a print out copy and can use it to decorate your blu ray disc.

If you want to know more about blu ray box template visit this url


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