More about CD Printer Software

CD printers are used to print text or graphic pictures on replicated or duplicated CDs. Different sorts of CD printers are made that are made for low volume or high volume CD printing. Inkjet and heat-based printers with 1-100 disk capacity are made to be used in tiny firms or offices and domestic homes. Laser printers with capacity of above 100 thousand discs are made for big duplication and duplication firms. CD printer software included with these printers use prime quality resembling routine to provide the highest quality prints possible independent of the printer type and resolution of original pictures. It simplifies the method of handling DPI, print sizes, and resolution numbers. It has efficient and straightforward tools to immediately organize multiple prints in order that they use the absolute minimum amount of costly printing substrate material. The software permits auto placement and full manual placement for max flexibleness. Pictures of sundry sizes can be published from different folders and drives in the same session. It has different enhancement tools like cropping, lightness, sharpening, auto-exposure compensation, CCD noise filters, image revolution, and image info stamp. Users can apply filters to pictures as “masks” that disposes of the necessity to store separate copies of original and altered versions. Filters may also be applied to a single image or tons of different pictures from diverse folders in a batch.


(Download CD label software + Collection of predesigned templates)

It provides full color management (ICC) support and can link ICC profiles to multiple pictures separately, making sure the finest color practical. It also supports profile-to-profile conversions for pictures, and soft proofing. It supports different file layouts like JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, PCD, PNG, PSD, and NEF (Nikon D1, D1H, D1X, and D100 raw). It permits users to replicate, move, remove, auto-rename pictures based totally on date, download photographs from flash cards and search IPTC (Global Press Telecoms Council) fields. The simple to utilize features of CD printer software have allowed users to control the complex task of formatting and printing pictures on CD discs.

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