How to print a CD case insert without Illustrator, InDesign?

Do you not have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, InDesign software to create CD case insert. Do not worry you will be able to print a CD jewel case insert or make a song/album list in few minutes. Only you have to follow few steps to print a CD jewel case insert in iTunes. ITunes has become popular in recent years and has become the number one choice of young generation. Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator in combine is really super-application that can do everything like layout, images, paths, etc for making CD case insert. But there are lots of softwares available to make perfect CD case insert templates and CD DVD cover. These softwares are used mainly in photography or advertising industry to create different types of advertising papers and photographs. Some major softwares used in advertising industry are Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, I Tunes, Corel Draw, Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Other than these software CD case inserts templates can be downloaded from several websites like With help of these websites you can download several templates free of cost and can get information about printing software. To get attractive CD DVD case insert template download from below link:

wp_download_button(Download CD/DVD case inserts templates + CD/DVD cover making Software)

If you have several CDs or DVDs then it is difficult to search a particular one if you do not have any identification mark. Hence it is essential to have a template on each of them. The major steps to create CD case inserts and having best CD cover designs on the templates are as follows:

Creating CD Case inserts templates in iTunes:

1. Switch on your computer and printer. Check your printer is running properly or not? Also check iTunes is running properly or not.

2. To make the case insert from iTunes, click on iTunes program and select the playlist which you want to use.

3. Now click on File button, and choose print option.

4. Now click on Theme pop-up menu. Here you will find a huge amount of themes. You have to select one of the appropriate themes which describe your disc nature.

5. If you have selected the theme the next step is to click on ok button to print.

6. In addition, you can add photo and images to the insert. Simple drag it from the iPhoto window to the Artwork area in the Song Information dialog box. You can take help from help menu if you have any problem during printing. After adding images to the CD case insert or CD cover, do not forget to trim the insert. Before trimming mark on the template and then do it. The trimming will help you to fit properly the CD DVD insert in the case.

CD case insert templates can be created not only using Illustrator, InDesign but also with help of ITunes. To know more information CD label making software as well as CD DVD label software kindly visit the website


How to print CD covers without Corel, Gimp, and Publisher?

The world of technology has grown up & become more advanced. Designing CD covers & templates is not a big problem at all. Not only Corel, Gimp, Publisher help to print CD DVD covers, but also there are lots of CD/DVD cover maker software which help you to create as well as print attractive CD DVD covers. Adobe Photoshop is one of them which give option to create wonderful & attractive CD cover template. There are so many Photoshop online today which will help you to choose and create designs for covers from start to end. With help of Adobe software, you can make create popular graphic effects. Here you can find specific tools and features for wide ranging fields such as video, science, architecture, and much more. Other than these softwares, you can also create CD label/cover with RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker. RonyaSoft also give option to download thousands of attractive CD cover designs and templates. Download some attractive templates for your CD and DVD from here:

wp_download_button(Download CD/DVD templates & CD label maker software)

To make CD covers using Adobe Photoshop requires some items like:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Digital photo
  • Printer
  • Ink
  • Paper

The easiest way to create CD covers using Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is the best option to design CD covers. The major steps of creating CD cover designs are as follows:

1. Open Adobe Photoshop, click on “New” option from “File” menu. Give a proper name to your file & set its dimension to 4.724 inches by 4.724 inches.

2. Click on “MODE” menu and choose “CMYK Color.” Set resolution of picture.

3. Now click on “Fir on Screen” from “View” menu. This option offer more room to create artwork.

4. Next you have to click on “Open” button from file menu and select images to make CD cover. Click on Lasso tool; draw an outline for the image. Now copy the selected area of image and paste it. If the image is large, then resize the image.

5. Now select a background design for CD cover. You can add text and description to the selected image which describes the product.

6. Click on right-pointing triangle in a circle at the top of the “Layers” palette on the right side of the screen & choose “Flatten Image”. Save the file under your selected file name. The next step is to print the CD cover. Turn on your printer and load the printing paper. For printing the cover, select “Print” option from “File” menu. After printing cut the template and paste it on the disc.

CD cover template can be created using Adobe Photoshop other than Corel, Gimp, Publisher also. To know more information CD label making software as well as CD DVD label software kindly visit the website

How to Print a CD label using Microsoft Word?

A CD label is the front of commercially as well as homemade audio video recording products. These cover play an important role to describe the products such as title on the cover about the nature of products. The covers have become an important part of the culture of music at the time. In previous days making of CD label was done by artists. At recent the actual scene has been changed. Thanks to technology which has given an option to make CD label using Microsoft Word.

If you want to give some gifts to your friend or a family member on a special occasion like birthday then there is nothing a best gift than that of personalized CD or DVD. Few memorable moments which you have spend with your friend or family members can be stored in the disk. Also it will be better choice if you create customized CD labels yourself for CD jewel case. Customized CD DVD labels express your feelings and emotions as well as give a personal touch to the gift. The covers also can be created by using various types of CD label software or CD cover software. The easiest way to creating disc cover is use of Microsoft Word or download templates from Microsoft Office Online. CD/DVD label maker software & cover templates also can be downloaded from here:

`                                                              wp_download_button

                          (Download CD DVD Label Maker Software + Collection of Standard & attractive templates)

Steps to make CD label template using Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is a software application widely used for creating disc covers or jewel case covers. The important steps to be used during CD label creations are as follows:

1. Open Microsoft Word, click on the file menu, and then choose new file.

2. Click on Labels and get browse the CD label designs available. Choose one of them which fulfill your need. Do not take tension about design and text of the cover. You can customize it and can change according to need. Microsoft Word allows you to add text as well as graphics to a default layout. You can modify font type, font color and font size. Formatting the text and title give the CD case or label personalized look and add your feelings to it.

3. Edit the template, choose the design of CD label which describes your feeling and is according to nature of disk. Also add title and text to template. If you do not have any idea about templates, you can choose online also. For download online templates, go to Microsoft Office Online and search for templates. Here you will find template link, click on that link and select a template that you need. Some graphics also can be added if you want to give an attractive look. Background color can be changed and background images can be added to the templates.

4. If you done editing, save the document under unique name. The next step is to print CD labels. To print CD labels, you can purchase papers from an office supply store. After taking print, cut the CD label and stick it on your disc.

These are some useful steps if you want to create CD label.


CD label template can be created not only using Microsoft word. To know more information on CD label making software, kindly visit our website