How to print DVD box covers without Microsoft Office?

If you are a creative person, then designing a DVD box cover template may be fun for you. Designing the DVD Box covers allows you to add a personal touch and it expresses your feelings. You can add beautiful images to background and front of box covers as well as texts. There are several softwares which allow you to download templates, personalize them and next to print. Although Microsoft Office is simple in all of them, there are several other softwares which offer this functionality in easy steps. Other than these softwares the DVD box cover templates also can be downloaded and printed from several websites only through payment of small amount of money. RonyaSoft, a well known name and offers online DVD box covers. You can get it from its website. To download DVD box covers templates click below on download button:

wp_download_button(DVD box cover templates + DVD box cover creator software)

Creating a DVD box cover template and then print is not a tough work & the major softwares other than Microsoft office are Undercover XP, Photoshop, coral, Publisher, Photoshop CS6, , PowerPoint, etc. Creating DVD box covers is also is the best option and easy to download with help of   Adobe Photoshop.There are few stapes during which are involved during download process & printing box covers.

Creating & printing DVD box covers templates in adobe Photoshop:

1. Create blank document: Open Photoshop & create of blank document. Choose the image which you want to design on the DVD box covers. A standard DVD case size is almost 3240 x 2175 (170 spine) pixels. If you choose 170 pixel in the area, the design will be in middle of the area & it will look beautiful.

2. Connect the printer to your computer and load the paper.

3. The next step is to click on “File” menu and choose “Print” option. In print option, you can change the setting and can modify the color as well as can correct the paper. There are several printers which give a option to choose the types of papers. When you have done all modification works click on print.

4. Remove the printed paper from the printer and let it dry. Now cut the DVD box cover template with care. Always use ruler and Exacto knife to cut extra edges of the cover, so that it may fit in your DVD box.

These are all about making DVD box cover templates without using Microsoft office, with help of Adobe Photoshop.

DVD Box Cover templates can be created using several other softwares other than Microsoft Office. To know more information DVD Box Cover making software, kindly visit our website


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