How to print blu-ray covers without Corel, Gimp, Publisher?

Blu-ray covers are demand of new age technology, since Blu-Ray discs are more popular due to their storage capacity, efficiency, as well as speed. Blu-ray disc or BD is an optical disc format mainly used for storing data and high-definition videos. If you have lots of data, then Blu-ray discs are best available option for you. If you have frequently burned Blu Ray discs, it is necessary to have cover on each of them. You can create your own Blu-ray cover template for customized discs. Making your own Blu ray cover template to place inside the pouches of discs can be a perfect solution if you want to keep these discs in organized manner. There are lots of softwares like Corel, GIMP, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Undercover XP, and Microsoft Word, etc. Corel, Gimp, and Publisher are really the best option to create Blu-ray cover template, but there are various other options are available if you do not have these softwares installed on your computer. You can use Adobe Photoshop or an online application such as Aviary Image Editor. If you do not have these softwares, you can download online. Other than these softwares, pre designed blu ray templates are also available online. There are several online stores like RonyaSoft which provides an option to download templates from their websites. You can also download blu Ray cover templates from here:

wp_download_button (Download Bly-ray cover templates + Blu ray cover maker software)

Tips to print Blu-ray covers using Adobe Photoshop:
1. Open Adobe Photoshop and create new project from “File” menu. The dimension of the new canvas should be 272 millimeters x 184 millimeters. If you are using Aviary Image Editor or any other option, the dimension should be 1028 as the pixel width and 695.5 as the pixel height. Paintbrush, pencil, copy and paste functions, text boxes, and other tools can be used here to give an attractive look to the image.
2. Make sure either printer is connected or not. If not connected connect it from your PC or laptop. Also make sure that it has ink or paper?
3. Make a design for your cover template. If you cannot design, choose it online or upload it from your PC.
4. Making a personalize cover is also important. To give an attractive look to blu ray covers is so simple and it can be done with few efforts. Choose a design which suits to the nature of disk and give it a name. Font size, color also can be changed.
5. Add some description about or a slogan which tells about your disc in brief.
6. If you have added images and have performed personalization to its design and color, click on “Print” option from file menu.
7. From print option you can adjust colors of images and size of images. Set the printer to its best quality setting possible.

8. Now set page scaling option to “None” and click on “OK”. Dry it for few minutes. Use the scissor and cut it from all corner to fit into the blu-ray cover discs.

9. Now the template is ready to use and you can stick on to your blu ray discs.

10. Before placing the template to the disks, do not forget to remove dust particle from its front and other side.

Blu-ray Cover template can be created using several other softwares other than Corel, Gimp, and Publisher. To know more information Blu-ray Cover making software, kindly visit the website


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