How to make an Origami CD cover?

Making Origami CD cover is not a difficult task. Origami is the Japanese word which means creating paper figures and totems. Making an Origami CD cover only needs few minutes and some practices. Creating Origami CD covers allows you to personalize the covers according to your choice and needs. An origami CD cover can be created either with help of online templates or with help of Origami CD cover maker software. With so many softwares available these days like Adobe Photoshop, Coral, Publisher, Microsoft Word, etc, it is very easy to create CD or DVD cover templates. It only acquires skills and some practices. Rather than these softwares CD covers also can be downloaded from several websites. These websites give option to download softwares to create Origami CD template. RonyaSoft is one of them which give option to download  Origami CD cover maker software. To get CD templates click the “Download” link below:

wp_download_button(Download Origami CD cover templates + Origami CD cover maker software)

There are certain things which are needed during Origami CD template creation as well as printing and these are as follows:

  • Origami CD covers maker software
  • A Printer
  • Images
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • 8.5 – by 11 – inch paper
  • Pencil

Origami CD covers making tips:

1. Open CD cover maker software and select an image either from your computer or by going online, which you want to edit to making coves. . Microsoft Word is the best and simple software which provide an option to create attractive Origami CD covers.

2. Open the word processor & click on “New” and select a CD cover template option. Choose the image which you want to edit.

3. Other than online, images also can be added from your own PC. Click on “Insert” menu and browse the location where the images is located.

4. Personalize the image: For images, you can also choose design that fits the content of the CD. If the CD is family concerned, then you can choose family photo. A family photo will be a suitable option. Also edit text and background images. You can add heading and some description to it. Microsoft Word is the best and simple available

5. For adding text and titles add text box and enter title as well as short description here. The title should be large in comparison to description. You can change font size font color as well background image also.

6. If you have done all editing works, the cover is now ready to print. Check the printer & paper, whether it is ready or not.

7. Now click on “Print” option. You can make several copies of Origami CD covers with this method.

8. After taking print cut the CD cover according to shape of Origami CD. Stick it on the disc.

These are some special tips for you to make Origami CD covers.

Origami CD template can be created using several softwares like Microsoft Word, Corel, Gimp, PowerPoint, and Publisher, etc. To know more information Origami CD template making software, kindly visit the website




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