How to make blu-ray DVD covers without Microsoft Word?

Everyone wants that their burned Blu-ray discs or DVD discs look for maximum visual impact and beautiful covers on the discs give unique identity to each and every disc. The Blu-ray covers not only give a unique identity but these are also used for decorative purpose and promote the products. If you want to give a beautiful gift to a person on his wedding anniversary, then a blu ray disc burnt with memorable pictures of wedding pair may be a superb gift item. You can give more personal touch to the gift by designing & printing the Blu-ray DVD cover template by yourself. The Pair will remember this gift for a long time. Making a blu-ray DVD cover is a best way to explore your hidden creativity.

Blu-Ray discs are digital optical discs designed to supersede the DVD format and generally used to store high definition videos. If you have lots of Blu-Ray DVD discs, then it is necessary to have cover for each disc. Either you can purchase covers from market or you can design yourself. Purchase the blu ray covers from market may be costly option and if you design, only you have to spend some time and a few amount of money.

Other than Microsoft Word there are several softwares and you can create covers easily using these softwares. If you want to make your own Blu-ray DVD cover, the first important thing towards this step is to choose the right Blu-ray cover making software. Blu-Ray cover printing software allows you to design and print custom Blu-Ray DVD covers and templates. Other than making Blu-ray covers the softwares also help you to make, create, design and print lots of CD labels, DVD and CD paper sleeves . RonyaSoft Blu-ray cover Maker is a fast and easy way to design and print beautiful covers, labels, and box inserts! It gives an option to download Blu-ray cover making software as well as to download lots of templates for Blu-ray DVD covers. The software comes with all tool needed for creation of Blu-ray template. If you want to download blu-ray DVD covers making softwares and templates, follow the download link given below:

wp_download_button           (Download Blu-Ray Covers Making software + Blu-ray DVD covers templates)

Make Blu-ray DVD inserts & covers templates: Making Blu-ray DVD covers with help of RonyaSoft is an easy process and it can be done by spending few minutes of time. The process towards template creation for making covers include following steps:

  1. Download & install Blu-ray DVD cover maker software.
  2. Choose the template which suits to the nature of the disc.
  3. The design, background can be customized. You can add images in background related to theme of disc. Text also can be added to cover. Give a proper title.
  4. Finalize the colors and font size.
  5. Make sure to connect the printer to your computer.
  6. Load the paper to the printer.
  7. The next step is to click on the print button if you have created the template. Try to use glossy paper to print templates.
  8. Cut the extra papers from the sides of template.
  9. Now paste the cover on Blu-ray DVD and it is ready to present anyone.

These are some best tips for creating and printing Blu-ray covers and softwares.

Blu-Ray DVD cover templates  can be created using several softwares like , Corel, Gimp, PowerPoint, and Publisher, etc. To know more information Blu-Ray DVD cover templates making software, kindly visit the website


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