How to create CD jewel box inserts in Microsoft Office Word?

Burning CD for a family member or for a friend as a gift is an interesting idea. To make the CD more personal, it will be good choice to make your own CD jewel box insert. Although, there are several softwares which will be good choice to make covers but Microsoft Word is the easiest way to make CD jewel box insert template. Either you can use your own templates or you can download several templates from Microsoft Office Online.

Making CD jewel box insert template from Microsoft Word:

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Go to Microsoft Office Online.
  3. Download CD/DVD box insert template.
  4. Save it on your computer.
  5. Now choose the template according to nature of your disc.
  6. Open the template by clicking on open from file menu.
  7. Inserts graphics and images to the background and front of the cover. Insert images with care because images first describe about the nature of the product.
  8. If the disc has your family photos and videos, you can insert a beautiful family photo to the cover of the template.
  9. Add title & text to the template. Enter the title with care.
  10. If you have completed all modification, save it.
  11. Make sure to connect the printer to your computer. Load the glossy papers.
  12. Take color printout of the template.
  13. Stick it on your disc.

Other than Microsoft Word, CD jewel box insert template can be made with help of RonyaSoft CD cover maker. With help of RonyaSoft CD/DVD Label Maker, you can download CD jewel box inserts making software and several templates. To download the box insert making software and templates click below on download button:

wp_download_button     (CD jewel box inserts maker software + CD jewel box inserts templates)

Create CD jewel box inserts with help of RonyaSoft CD/DVD Label Maker:

  1. Go to website of RonyaSoft and download CD inserts creator software.
  2. Extract the CD inserts creator software from the zip file.
  3. Select a template which is fit according to the nature of your disc.
  4. Personalize the template. Add image and text to it. Save it.
  5. Make sure to connection of printer to your computer.
  6. Print the template on glossy paper.
  7. Cut the extra edges of the template.
  8. Now the template is ready. You can stick it on your CD jewel box insert.

These are some ways to create CD jewel box insert templates without having any tension.

CD jewel box insert can be created using several softwares like Microsoft Word, Corel, Gimp, PowerPoint, and Publisher, etc. To know more information CD jewel box inserts making software, kindly visit the website


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