How to design and print a Blu-ray label?

If your business is related to entertainment industry or you are involved in media promotion, then it is necessary to use to use right material to build an ideal image. A Blu-Ray cover may be perfect solution of this problem. These labels have enough space to promote you. But it is necessary to design and pint a blu-ray covers with essential care.

There are numerous softwares like Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, Power Point, Illustrator, image editor, iTunes, etc. which are used to design & print blu-ray covers. These softwares also may be downloaded from numerous websites. These softwares offer layouts and simple options to design, save and print customized labels. Adobe Photoshop is software which gives options to design attractive blu-ray labels and then print. There are some important tips which should be followed during creating CD /blu-ray covers:

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. Select a template.
  3. You can edit background of the label. If it is a personal disc then look for personal images. Try to choose that image which has the smaller of the width and height larger than 1370 pixels, so that there is no need to enlarge the image.
  4. Edit text of the template. Insert meaningful title & description.
  5. Now connect your computer to the printer & load the paper. Always load glossy papers because these give perfect look to the blu-ray covers
  6. Print the cover.
  7. If the label is larger than your disc, cut its edges to be fit.
  8. Stick the label on blu-ray disc.

Other than these softwares CD template & blu-ray cover can be designed and print using RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker. RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker is a software program which gives an option to design & print attractive CD/DVD as well as blu-ray labels. Either you are making CD labels or covers for mp3 discs or other types of discs, RonyaSoft CD/DVD label maker is a perfect solution. The CD/DVD label maker software can be downloaded from its website or from the download link given below:                                                                                                       wp_download_button                                                (Download Blu-Ray Label Maker Software + Blu-Ray templates)

With help of RonyaSoft Blu-Ray Label Maker Software program creating labels as well as covers is quick and easy. Here you can find pre several pre-designed templates and can edit according to nature of your disc. You can change background, add text and images. With RonyaSoft Blu-Ray Label Maker Software program, you can create CD/DVD label, blu-ray templates, CD case inserts, Origami CD case covers, Origami CD templates, Paper CD Sleeves, etc. These are few tips to design attractive Blu-Ray labels.

Blu-ray labelscan be created using several softwares like Microsoft Word, Corel, Gimp, PowerPoint, and Publisher, etc. To know more information Blu-ray label making software, kindly visit the website


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