How to make CD DVD labels with Epson L800 printer?

Epson L800 printer allows you to create & print attractive CD/DVD labels. After designing the CD DVD label or template, you can print it on 12-cm CD/DVD labels or 8-cm CD/DVD labels. Epson L800 is a single function color printer and a cost-effective ink tank system is used under it which offers low-cost printing at high volumes. It has a removable paper tray and an additional CD/DVD tray which is used for direct printing of labels. With a resolution of 5760dpi, you can see quality in printed labels and photos. It can be said that Epson L800 printer is an effective way to print CD DVD labels.

There are numerous softwares which provide option to design CD DVD labels and templates and print with help of Epson L800 printer CD DVD printer. RonyaSoft CD DVD label maker is also a program which enables to design as well as print CD DVD labels. To design & print labels, first you need to select the template and make modification and last you to print it. The templates can be selected according to theme of the disc. If you do not have pre designed templates & CD DVD labels maker software on your computer you can download it from the given download link below:                                                                                                      wp_download_button                           (CD DVD labels maker software + Collection of Standard & attractive CD templates)

With help of RonyaSoft CD label maker software & Epson L800 printer, it is easy to design as well as print attractive CD covers. Only you have to follow some important steps:

  1. Open RonyaSoft CD DVD label maker software.
  2. Go to “File” menu and click on open tab. Open a predesigned template either from your computer or download it online. Select template according to the nature of the disc for which you are going to create label.
  3. Edit the template. Add descriptive title & some description to it. Add background image. Choose font color and design with care so that it may look attractive.
  4. Save the template to the selected location on computer drive.
  5. Now you have to print the template. Before going to print make sure to connect the printer to the computer and load the printing paper to the printer.
  6. Before taking print, you can go to print preview option to see how it will look after printing. If there is any option to make changes, then edit it otherwise close print preview and click on print option.
  7. Now the CD label is ready, stick it on the disc. Using these tips, you can create numerous CD DVD labels.

These are some easy methods of designing & printing CD/DVD labels as well templates. These are also the cheap way to make CD covers.

CD/DVD can be created with help of CD/DVD Label Making Software. To know more information about CD/DVD Label Making Software, kindly visit the website

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