How to print on Memorex labels template?

Designing & printing on Memorex labels template is an interesting art work. If you have lots of CDs & DVDs it is essential to design and print your own custom CD labels. Personalized CD labels are suitable for adding professional look to your disc. There are several softwares which are used to print on Memorex labels template. RonyaSoft CD DVD Label maker is a software program which is suitable option to print on Memorex labels template. RonyaSoft CD DVD Label maker software along with CD templates can be downloaded from the download link given below:

wp_download_button(CD Label Maker Software with Memorex labels support)

Print on Memorex labels template with help of RonyaSoft CD Label Maker Software:

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Open a graphic designer program or RonyaSoft CD Label Maker Software or any CD labeling program. If you do not have such program installed on your computer or laptop, download a program like Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, Microsoft Office, Publisher, Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. You can download trial version free of cost and can purchase it full version online.
  3. Download the Memorex CD label template.
  4. Download the software template for your Memorex CD label. You can download the templates online.
  5. Choose the best template which fits to the nature of your disk.
  6. Edit the CD label using images, patterns, text and other elements. Insert images to its background. Edit title & heading of the label. The title should be more descriptive.
  7. Change the color of images. Choose the color darker, brighter or more saturated which will look more attractive. Change font color and font sizes.
  8. Make sure to connect the printer to the computer.
  9. Insert the Memorex CD labels into your printer. Orient correctly labels sheets into the printer before making print.
  10. Go to the file menu & select the print option. Change the set up of the page. From page set up menu, you can change the page preferences and adjust the page. Set the number of labels or label sheets which you want to print, and make sure that the correct printer is listed in the ‘Printer’ drop-down menu.
  11. Set the preferences and print the templates.
  12. Now the templates are ready, you can stick these templates on your disks.


CD/DVD can be created with help of CD/DVD Label Making Software. To know more information about CD/DVD Label Making Software, kindly visit the website



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