How to print on Tinlex CD label template?

Tinlex TL-Label-3A label template

We are living in the very fast century.  The technology is improving day by day and moving in your lives. So with this technology we use some popular storage media like the CD and DVD to stock our favorite programs and videos.

In any case, it is very difficult to locate some specific CD, DVD in a massive data collection.  A significant number of purchasers did not prefer to purchase when they locate the clear mark. Many of them pay high charges to print the relevant cover on their DVDs and CDS. Toward the day’s end, it is viewed as one of the major problem.

Try not to stress anymore because we have tackled this issue and end up with creating software and the “Tinlex CD DVD label template” which will unquestionably assist you in creating the labels for the CD and the DVDs. The CD labeling on Tinlex label templates are very easy to use and customize. In such layouts you can embed the foreground, background pictures and can undoubtedly change the text dimension and textual style sort.

Poster maker software

blogs_button(CD DVD Label printer with Tinlex TL-Label-3A CD DVD (A4) label template)

Not only these, the Tinlex CD DVD label templates consists of some of the function which will make your work more easy and appealing like quick editing text, drag and drop functionalities and some other great components. These features are incorporated so that you simply get your ideal CD and DVD names prepared just in seconds.

The Ronyasoft CD DVD label maker software is also free available on our official website. We also issue commercial use license so that one particular can startup its own business for printing the labels. Try not to stress because the cost of this permit is negotiable. In the event that you have still a few questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

The following step assist you in query that “how to print on Tinlex CD labels”:

  • Download and install the Ronyasoft CD DVD label maker software and the Tinlex CD labels from the official site.
  • Open software and choose one of the templates for the CD and DVD label, covers and case inserts.
  • Now edit the relevant text and images for your label or cover.
  • We also include in this software some HD quality foreground and background images.
  • You can edit or add more text in the template.
  • With the help of printer you can print directly on the CD or the DVD
  • At last you will have great awesome CD cover and label on your hands.

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