How to design a blu-ray DVD cover without Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign?

In this new era, blu-ray discs are popular among people due to high storage capacity, speed and efficiency. Even high Definition (HD) videos can be stored in these dicks. Designing a blu-ray DVD cover is a challenging as well as creative work. If you have several blu ray discs and want attractive covering for each disc then it is necessary to create attractive covers according to nature of the discs. There are several softwares which are suitable to design blu-ray DVD cover templates. Besides Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, blu-Ray DVD cover templates can be created using Microsoft Word and Corel.

Blu-ray DVD cover templates can be designed using Corel Draw also. The blu-ray cover designing in Corel Draw includes following steps:

  1. Open CorelDraw
  2. From File menu create a new project. Its dimension should be no more than 272 millimeters x 184 millimeters.
  3. Choose a pre designed template.
  4. Edit the images and text of the template.
  5. You can use the paintbrush, pencil, copy and paste functions, text boxes, and other tools to edit the template.
  6. Add title & text to the template.
  7. Connect the printer to computer.
  8. Print the template, and stick it on your disc.

Blu-Ray DVD cover templatesalso can be designed with help of RonyaSoft CD/DVD Label Maker. RonyaSoft allows to download Blu-Ray DVD cover making & several online templates. If you are creative, you can design it easily and if you do not have more information about disc designing, you can edit templates and can make changes. Creating and printing your own Blu-ray DVD cover with help of RonyaSoft CD/DVD Label Maker is an excellent alternative of purchasing the expensive templates from the market. To download blu-ray DVD cover making software & blu-ray DVD cover templates click on the download link below:                                                                                     wp_download_button                                        (Download Blu-Ray DVD cover making Software + Blu-Ray Cover Templates )

Designing Blu-Ray DVD cover with RonyaSoft CD/DVD Label Maker: Designing blu-ray DVD cover with help of RonyaSoft includes following steps:

  1. Download blu-ray DVD cover making software.
  2. Install this program on your computer.
  3. Select a templates from the list
  4. Edit the design of the template.
  5. You can add personal images or can change background of the template.
  6. Edit the text and insert title of the template. Write some descriptive words.
  7. Click on print preview button and check how the template will visualize after printing.
  8. Make sure to connect printer to your computer.
  9. Load the glossy paper to the printer.
  10. If everything is ok click on the print button.
  11. Now blu-ray cover template is ready, stick it on your disc.

These are some simple ways to design a blu-ray DVD cover without Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

Blu-ray DVD cover templates can be created with help of RonyaSoft CD/DVD Label maker. To know more information blu-ray DVD cover making software, kindly visit the website